stock spares

We have been suppliers of railway rolling stock for RENFE for more than 30 years. Our specialty is diesel-electric locomotives. We usually supply spare parts to RENFE for the following locomotives:

Series 333

Engine EMD 16-645-E3

Series 334

Engine EMD 12N710G3B

Series 335

Engine EMD 16-710G3B

Series 310

Engine EMD 8-645E

Series 319

Engine EMD 16-567C / 16-645

Series 309

Engine MTU 6V396

Series 311

Engine MTU 8V396

Series 316-318-321

Engine Alco 251C

Series 592

Engine MAN D2866 LUE

Series 593

Engine FIAT

Series 594

Engine MAN D2866 LUE602

Series 598

Engine MAN D2876 LUE605

Series 599

Engine MAN D2876 LUE623

Series 2700

MTU / Mercedes OM460HLA / 6H1800

Series 2900

MTU / Mercedes OM460HLA / 6H1800

Series 1900

Caterpillar 3512B

We are exclusive representatives for Spain of PowerRail (USA), a manufacturer of spare parts for locomotives with a wide range of products. PowerRail is the leading US supplier for EMD and GE replacement parts. It also supplies LED lamps for locomotives, as well as a large number of upgraded products.

We also work with Locomotive equipment manufacturers such as Deuta Werke, KWD, IGW, Esco, for which we can supply spare parts.